Models of Cooperation

Choosing the right model of cooperation with your outsourcing IT service provider is a crucial moment for the entire software development project strategy. The success story of any business starts with building robust strategic partnerships, and IT outsourcing is no exception to this rule.


Time and Materials

For continuous projects with undefined work scope and dynamic requirements


Dedicated Development Team

For long-term partnership that requires deep engagement and innovative solution making


Team Extension

For short-time projects to improve in-house teams with unique skills and competencies


Managed Capacity

For full-fledged project management, development and delivery done on the side of your IT service provider


Product Research Phase

For initial estimation of product’s value potential based on BA insights and viable prototypes


Fixed Price/Fixed Bid

For small to medium well-specified projects within set budget and time frames


Not sure which model to choose for your business? Or have a better idea of your own? Let's discuss!

What is a model of cooperation?

A model of cooperation, or an engagement model, is a form of mutually beneficial partnership between outsourcing IT solution vendors and their customers. Everything done the right way, customers can benefit much from partnering with outsourced IT companies.

The correctly chosen engagement model brings about a lot of competitive advantages to all the stakeholders:


To have the weight of IT tasks lifted from your in-house dev team’s shoulders


Enjoy your project’s transparency at every step of the software development process


Set your project up with an appropriate level of governance, control, and accountability


Minimize the cost of your software development due to flexible and detailed pricing policy


Profit from timely high-quality software product delivery


So, great collaboration with an IT service provider based on the right model of cooperation is what makes your software development solution viable and competitive. With this, there is no single engagement model to equally fit any customer in addressing their individual business needs.

What model of cooperation is right for your company’s goals?

Before delegating the task of, say, complex web app development, there should be a well-considered decision on what model of cooperation is the best for your IT-enabled outsourced project.


The main focus of business attention and concern while opting for a reasonable model of cooperation is usually on

  • Time frames available
  • Short- or long-term partnership
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Risk mitigation
  • Desired control level
  • Scope of work changeability

Depending on the time, budget, and the company’s goals to achieve with a software development task, outsourcing IT service providers are ready to work with their customers under different schemes. Each of which, when implemented correctly, can deliver on an IT project of any size and complexity. Just set your business priorities to find the best match that meets your brand vision.

Set your engagement model up with HebronSoft

Here’s how HebronSoft can help you out with choosing the best option of business collaboration that suits your company’s needs and expectations.

Driven by the prior successful practices of solving complex software development projects for its customers, HebronSoft is offering only the most viable options for enabling robust business collaboration. Read on, and pick the right model of cooperation to cater to your individual business interests and specific requirements.


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