Dedicated Development Team


Model overview

The Dedicated Development Team model enables robust collaboration, with client-controlled project supervision while talent acquisition and operational support is done by your outsourcing IT service provider. A tight-knit dedicated team of seasoned software developers is set to solely and consistently work on your IT-related project on a full-time basis. With a laser focus on efficient fulfillment of the customer-specific requirements, the team solves any concurrent challenges that may occur during the SDLC (software development life cycle). Many businesses want to stay in full control over their projects. However, to hire a solid team of in-house software developers is not oftentimes an option for companies that look for tech-enabled solutions. Opting for the dedicated development team model is the only way out to take a complex IT project off your company’s shoulders while keeping tabs on the entire process. Today, this engagement model has gained much traction among business owners, since it easily lends itself to customization and scalability. HebronSoft has long and successfully collaborated with many of its customers under the dedicated team model while delivering robust software development solutions to the Canadian and U.S. markets. With a wide range of IT services available, HebronSoft helps you tap into its rich talent pool and extensive tech stack expertise custom-tailored for your specific business needs.

When to choose the Dedicated Team model


To check if this model goes in line with your project expectations, please consider what it’s best suited for:

  • Continuous, long-term partnership
  • Having an all-out project control and quick team access
  • Letting your IT service provider set up and support a team
  • Getting viable turnkey software development solutions
  • Meeting customer-specific tech project requirements
  • Variable scope of work with any ad-hoc tasks entailed

What the Dedicated Development Team model involves

The dedicated team model is suitable for both growing and mature companies that seek a helping hand for building IT projects from scratch or modernizing their existing software infrastructure. Based on customer-defined project specifications, a fully staffed team is allocated to create a robust software solution from start to finish. While HebronSoft is totally responsible for team staff selection, you make all the decisions and oversee the whole process. Usually, the team comprises not only software developers, but also the committed managerial staff, business analytics, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and other experts to ensure smooth project development flow. No freelance or inexperienced employees are admitted to your IT project. You get a cohesive team of in-house professionals with the vast expertise in dedicated software development services, within HebronSoft’s responsibility.

Dedicated Development Team model : Process Stages

  • Look over the project requirements outlined

  • Settle on a strategic plan for software development

  • Elaborate terms and conditions, sign a contract

  • Allocate a fully staffed team at your disposal

  • Ensure smooth and transparent project workflows

  • Prove out the overall product consistency and reliability

Benefits of the Dedicated Development Team model

  • A committed team with a vast background in software development
  • Flexibility, transparency and scalability of project development flows
  • Predictable budget with on cost overruns and time delays
  • Direct on-demand interaction with every team member
  • Full control over your team activities and resources employed
  • Real-time reporting on the measurable project progress

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