Model overview

Team extension, or staff augmentation as it is sometimes called is a type of engagement model that enables business owners to add value to their IT-related projects with the help of external expertise. The model allows customers to reinforce their internal team with experienced software development staff assigned by an outsourcing vendor. With this, the overall project supervision and management are done by customer’s in-house specialists. The Extension Team model is in high demand across organizations in cases when in-house development teams might lack some indispensable skills in software development to fully execute a project. Oftentimes, companies may need some short-duration assistance in terms of adding extra headcount. The model helps businesses engage seasoned software developers and consultants from the outsourcing IT service provider for a predefined (usually, short) period of time. Once workloads increase, the extended team seems to be the perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses to address resource-intensive tasks due to the project’s upscaling complexity.

When to choose the Team Extension model


You are likely to opt for this model if there is a need:

  • To deal with an ever-changing scope of work
  • To complement any missing skillset of you in-house team
  • To improve software development efficiency over short time frames
  • To address unexpected time-critical issues
  • To avoid hiring and onboarding costs
  • To stay in full control of the SDLC (software development life cycle) process

What the Team Extension model involves

HebronSoft always meets its customers halfway while offering the services of well-vetted professionals. With the Extension Team model, we have your IT projects covered. No matter be it mobile app development or hands-on experience with new frameworks and programming languages – everything where HebronSoft has expertise in. The model lets you select and leverage full-time specialists to fill the gaps of your current IT team. They become part of your team diving deep into the project’ work process. It is important, however, to remember that the model implies no active involvement taken by the outsourcing vendor. The end-to-end control and responsibility is on the customer’s side when it comes to overall development strategy, tasks allocation, product testing and deployment, and suchlike. HebronSoft guides you through every step to fulfill your urgent headcount needs:

Team Extension model : Process Stages

  • Scrutinize the project requirements

  • Estimate the tech stack required

  • Define staff numbers and time frames

  • Check our employee pool for availability

  • Agree on the areas of responsibility

  • Sign a contact

  • Enjoy the most proficient developers at your disposal

Benefits of the Team Extension model

  • Bridging the skill and headcount gap
  • Immediate jumpstart into the project development process
  • Smooth direct interaction with your outsourced extended team members
  • Full control over your product development lifecycle
  • Routine tasks delegation while focusing on the overall strategy
  • Transparent risk-free cost model

Our Customers’ Results


Increase in Sales of Customers’ Products


Increase in Online Donations for NGOs


Ratings from Clients’ Satisfaction


Decrease in Headcount