HebronSoft: We Stand with Ukraine

This article tells how HebronSoft company supported Ukraine and Ukrainians during the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The company was working in the following directions: providing military ammunition for soldiers, humanitarian aid for refugees, working on the media and information fronts.

HebronSoft is a Ukrainian Software Development Company with a strong social mission in its DNA. We deeply understand the value of human life because from the very beginning of our existence as a company, we care about the orphans and unprivileged youth in Ukraine changing their lives and giving them a chance to start a career in the IT field.

The Russian military invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. Our country is under brutal full-scale aggression from Russia up till now – they disrespect our sovereignty & borders, demolish houses, kill innocent civilians including children, make millions of Ukrainian people to flee. As a company, we do not stand aside. We take an active part in helping Ukraine and Ukrainians go through this toughest time for all of us. Having organized all forces in our company, we work in various directions to provide as much assistance as we can to everyone who needs it now.

“We #standwithUkraine with all our available possibilities, time, resources, and finances. This is an unprecedented and cinical invasion of russia in Ukraine destroying life, killing people, children, bombing childbirth centers in Mariupol and other hospitals all over Ukraine. We not just strongly condemn this war, we use every possibility to stop russia. Cлава Україні (Slava Ukraini)!” – says the CEO of HebronSoft, Kostiantyn Polosukhin.

Military Support

First of all, we help our military with the funds. We make donations to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and also organized humanitarian aid to our military on the front line and territorial defenders providing them with the needed military ammunition and needed supplies: bulletproof vests – 10, helmets – 20, walkie-talkies – 30, sleeping bags – 100, sleeping rugs – 30, medicine, and special military clothing (hats, mittens, jackets).

Together with the Lviv City Center for Social Services ‘Between Us’, we procure humanitarian goods and carry out the transportation of these aid to the Khmelnytsky region. There we help the medical institution ‘Khmelnytsky Regional Hospital for War Veterans’ which provides medical care to wounded soldiers, as well as civilians affected by the war. We also work with local organizations ‘Rozmay Volunteer Center’ in Kamyanets-Podilsky and Refugee registration and resettlement center #15 which deal with refugees from war-torn areas. So far we have managed to provide them with different kinds of humanitarian aid such as medicine, food, clothes and other.

Information and Media Front

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the HebronSoft company immediately became involved in helping on the information and media fronts. Our team of marketing professionals launched ‘ #banrussia’ and ‘#standwithUkraine’ program aimed at challenging and calling world-famous companies to stop their operations in Russia. We collaborate with other digital volunteers across Ukraine and even abroad in this area. Results are vivid, Russia’s economy is collapsing more and more every day. But that’s not enough, we continue to work every day in this direction as many companies such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, LG, Nestle, others are still operating on the Russian market. Also, the team has initiated promo campaigns via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail targeting Europe, the US, and Canada, to raise awareness and donations to Ukrainian Army Forces, letting the world know the truth and ways to help. We also work with the moral senses of Russian citizens. Here we work with direct outreach to Russian soldiers’ relatives including mothers, wives, and friends. The goal is to make them believe what is really happening in Ukraine and set up a #wakeup call for them.

Orphans and Refugee Support

We pay special attention to helping orphans and children who lost their parents due to the war. The chairman of HebronSoft, Liliya Valihun is actively developing this direction, establishing connections with non-profit foreign organizations which are ready to take the orphans to them for any period.

“Hebron stands for helping orphans, saving and changing their lives. In today’s Ukraine children cannot coexist with the war and brutal bombing by the Russian aggressor. Hebron and its donors and partners are here to help in any possible way.” – says Liliya.

Liliya is also working with an American organization that is ready to take 200 children in 130 American families. Currently, we are preparing all needed documents for children so that the American embassies can approve all the permits.

On an additional note, we helped set up a shelter for orphans and underprivileged children in the Lviv region, Stryi city, with household appliances (including 2 refrigerators, 2 washing machines, microwave), 50 bed mattresses and 100 cushions, and arranged direct humanitarian support from Poland to the shelter.

Also together with Hebron IT Academy, we provided 3 houses with all supplies for around 30 refugees from Eastern Ukraine. Thanks to the donors, we managed to buy a minivan to deliver humanitarian support to the military and refugees.

Students of Hebron IT Academy are heavily involved in the Information Front program (#banrussia campaigns) and other social projects that we run. More information on the academy, its students that include orphans and children from underprivileged families, and how you can support them in this difficult time you can find here: hebron-academy.com

Everyone who has a desire can make their contribution to help Ukraine here: supportukrainenow.org

We have to stop Russia.
If Russia stops it will be no war, if Ukraine stops it will be no Ukraine anymore.
Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine!

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