The history of HebronSoft is closely associated with more than software and product development. It is also rooted in socially-oriented activities.

Introducing To HebronCloud
Introducing To HebronCloud

Ihor Bula

CEO, Hebron IT Academy

Hebron IT Academy team and me help those who need our support the most. We want these young people to create a rich, successful and robust country, built on the right principles. We are educating a new generation of young people who are ready to respond to the challenges of the present.

Online Trainings

Software Company

HebronSoft was initially founded as a software company aimed at providing a number of full-cycle software services such as blockchain, prototyping, UI/UX design, web and mobile app development, and consistent project support. At the same time, our company represents a unique approach in making the world a better place. We are a social enterprise, engaged in representing and fulfilling the interests of our family project – Hebron Academy.

HebronSoft Office Workers
HebronSoft Office Workers

Hebron Academy

The idea of Hebron Academy was birthed several years ago as a logical response to the deep belief in our mission – to help socially disadvantaged youth receive free modern education in software engineering, teaching them to become leaders in our country, and breaking the cycle of social disadvantages for themselves, their peers, and children to come. We’ve made it our goal to create a non-profit educational organization that is supported by HebronSoft as a source of internship, employment, and financial support for academy students. However, we also encourage other local software companies to hire Hebron graduates, to help Hebron financially, and to assist in providing mentors.

Hebron IT Academy Students
Hebron IT Academy Students

The need for this initiative arises from the continual growth of criminal, drug, and alcohol statistics among underprivileged youth throughout Ukraine. More and more children are being brought up in unfavorable conditions, either in troubled, low-income families or in orphanages. The majority of students are coming to us from Eastern Ukraine and war zone areas, where intervention and help is most needed. Youth with deprived backgrounds have fewer opportunities to receive a decent education or job, and are not fully accepted by society. Hebron Academy has shown success in teaching orphans and impoverished children as it combines intellectual, physical, and spiritual components of education.

Problem statement

>100 000

children in the register of orphans and children deprived of parental care

80 %

of young men abuse drugs and alcohol and turn to a life of crime

20 %

boarding graduates have a criminal record

10 %

only fully included in society

Key Challenges


Our company has helped many graduates who completed a two-year course, providing them with employment at HebronSoft and other local companies. Since the start of the project, we’ve met numerous talented and ambitious young people who are showing efficient results working as programmers or mentors in the Hebron family. Every week, our newsfeed is replenished with the latest articles of our most outstanding and noteworthy graduates: Ihor Vakal, Alexander Yakovenko, Ihor Melnyk, Oleksiy Lobodev, Vatslav Sychevskiy, Serhii Kunnik and many others. All of them have this commonality: they come from socially unfavorable backgrounds, but they strive for change. Traumatic childhoods have caused various unnecessary suffering in their lives (living in orphanages, death of parents, physical punishments, violence, bullying, lack of money, alcohol abuse, etc.). Some students experienced social rejection and had to change their place of work, others were lost in life or were not able to major in the colleges of their choice. However, the greatest suffering was the lack of love, attention, support, understanding and acceptance they all so crucially needed. Despite these barriers, their strong will, constant persistence, and deep desire to live out their dreams, led them to the Hebron community

Our graduates now work in HebronSoft and partner enterprises as interns, junior engineers, front-end and back-end developers, web designers, or are involved in other IT projects.

What’s Next?


Ihor Bula

CEO, Hebron IT Academy

“We have huge plans for Hebron Academy to expand globally. For now, we are focusing on our academy in Lviv and a few potential franchising Hebron locations, as there is still room for improvement. We want to accept more unprivileged children, attract more professors, and start a project for girls. Next year, we plan to explore 2 new directions – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.”

Hebron Cloud

Hebron Academy has proved to be an outstanding initiative for underprivileged, yet talented youth from all over Ukraine. This inspired us to develop our mission at the national and international scale. We are now merely a footstep away from launching our next family project – Hebron Cloud for e-learning. We consider this a subsequent step for our Hebron family. Hebron Cloud will continue presenting the same main principles and social values as Hebron Academy.

Basic HTML Page

Hebron Cloud is currently undergoing the final testing and improvement process. Soon, this e-learning platform will enable users to access:

Number Image

Professional information, unique databases, and libraries

Number Image

Modern IT educational programs for different qualification levels

Number Image

On-line psychological support for those in need as a part of the educational plan

Number Image

Beneficial job offers for the most diligent and talented students

Initially, our team conducted several surveys, interviews and research analyzing our competitors’ existing practices. In many cases, we found that similar educational courses are expensive or lack interactivity between the educational participants. Hebron Cloud is free of charge, making it available for underprivileged and orphaned young people. Our e-learning software provides students with ongoing individual mentorship from qualified specialists within their sphere of interest.


In addition, our e-learning cloud service has a user-friendly, intuitive design that enables a comfortable UX and easy orientation. Hebron Cloud’s online education empowers conventionality, making it possible to access courses from any location by using the web or mobile app. Overall, the Hebron Cloud philosophy adheres to teaching English and developing critical thinking, while equipping students with necessary 21st-century life skills.

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