Hebron Announces the Appointment of Its New Advisory Board Member

Igor Kruglyak has joined the Hebron Advisory Board to enhance the company’s focus on proactive corporate social responsibility initiatives for underprivileged youth.

Igor Kruglyak has joined the Hebron Advisory Board to enhance the company’s focus on proactive corporate social responsibility initiatives for underprivileged youth while strengthening its core business development strategies.

May 5, 2022

Lviv, Ukraine. Today, Hebron, a holistic ecosystem that comprises education charity assistance for people in need with IT software development practices, is pleased to announce the appointment of Igor Kruglyak to its Advisory Board members. With his joining Hebron, this brings the total number of board members to five.

“We’re excited to expand our Advisory Board with Igor Kruglyak as a new member who will bring diverse expertise and hands-on insight to all our non-profit and business activities,” said Liliya Valihun, Chairman at HebronSoft. “Our top priority is to ensure that Hebron’s leadership and board represents a variety of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of driving value to charity and for-profit projects.”

Igor Kruglyak is an experienced senior-level executive who went through different leading roles in many software development companies. He has over 35 years of delivering growth experience spanning various business sectors and IT industry verticals.
As a true industry veteran, Igor Kruglyak held key responsibilities in developing and deploying successful projects for market’s leading players like Disney, Pfizer, Mark & Spencer, Merrill Lynch, First American Title Co, and many others. The newly appointed Hebron’s Advisory Board member has also showcased a great business vision when it comes to furthering company-wide strategies, namely in managing on and offshore development, B2C, B2B, and integration processes.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Hebron’s Advisory Board in these challenging times,”continued Igor Kruglyak.”I am a big fan of everything Hebron does to foster charity-driven education opportunities for unprivileged youth in Ukraine. In my new role, I am going to give a significant amount of time and effort to the board activities in terms of commitment to advancing both the company’s social responsibility mission and achieving new ambitious business goals.”

Together with other members of the Hebron Advisory Board, Igor Kruglyak will help us shape the next chapter of our CSR and business development initiatives by leveraging his wealth of knowledge and expertise in the respective fields, namely:

  • 1. Contribute to the success and scale of Hebron IT Academy
  • 2. Make a positive impact on public education in Ukraine for disadvantaged youth
  • 3. Expand the network by attracting like-minded experts to our charity and business activities

“We are fortunate to have Igor Kruglyak as our new board member,” stated Kostiantyn Polosukhin, CEO of HebronSoft.“I am sure this is an immense potential for our company we need to harness. We are all looking forward to seeing Igor’s exceptional commitment in propelling Hebron forward under these unprecedented times.”

Alongside Igor Kruglyak, the Hebron Advisory Board comprises today four other members:

  • 1. Peter Warren, who’s bringing 30 years of experience in aviation, aerospace, and related support industries with competencies working in management with NASA space systems, avionics engineering, and manufacturing development programs
  • 2. Bill Barr, who has 40+ years of experience as a sales performance consultant, consulting Microsoft, IBM, Manpower, Avaya, Peak10, Compuware, WorldPay, Toshiba Global solutions, and others
  • 3. James Glover, a seasonal sales executive and entrepreneur who achieved repeated success in growing revenue from zero to $100m plus as well as managing startups to exit phase
  • 4. Jason Yuen, a great business visionary and practitioner who brings much value to companies with his 20+ years of engineering experience in GPC supply chain products and delivery.

About Hebron Advisory Board
Hebron was founded as an educational charity organization, IT Academy for orphans, and has social responsibility and impact at its heart and DNA. The main purpose of the Hebron Advisory Board is to keep track of the big picture of the organization, address issues of concern in organization’s development as well as develop strategies to address these concerns.

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